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RotaFlex External Rotation

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Pant with built-in elastics for easy rotation. RotaFlex was developed primarily for the purpose of being an extension of intensive therapy, but can easily be used in everyday activities.

Patients who suffer from internally rotating lower limb can benefit from using the RotaFlex for External Rotation. The first elastic can be located closer to the ab area on the side of the body, ending at the back of the knee. This helps with the alignment of the wearer’s thigh. The second elastic begins at the back of the knee and wraps around the front of the leg and ends near the top of the foot.

Frequent and gradual use of the pants provide alignment of the lower limbs, improvement in somatosensory response, concentration and gradual decrease of stereotypes.


A qualified therapist should indicate the choice of clothing and the weather conditions suitable for use.

Recommended for patients from 1 to 14 years.

Not suitable for patients with severe cardiovascular disease, severe reflux, contagious diseases and/or uncontrolled convulsions.


Lycra (97% polyamide and 13% elastane)

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