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PediaSuit Intensive Therapy Course & Holism

The intensive therapy protocol provides a child improvement in posture, muscle tone and patterns of movement diminished by disability.

PediaSuit™ and Pitch

The PediaSuit™ is a multifaceted intervention made of an orthotic suit that has strategically-placed bungee cords adjusted in a method to affect typical flexor and extensor muscle groups.

The PediaSuit™ performs like a soft exoskeleton that corrects abnormal muscle tone and retrains a child’s brain to accept and learn correct muscle movements. To attain the best benefit from the PediaSuit™, a child must take part in a comprehensive therapeutic exercise and activity program.

The intensive therapy protocol is provided by PediaSuit Intensive Therapy Course and Holism (PITCH) certified clinicians. PITCH is a comprehensive therapy program comprised of the following: four week intensive therapy system involving evidence-based interventions with four hours of therapy each day, five days per week. This amounts to 80 hours of therapy with impressive results. After this cycle, two weeks of maintenance of six hours of therapy each week are required. If necessary, intensive therapeutic interventions will resume after the maintenance period.

At the conclusion of the course, the participants will:

  • Verbalize the benefits and purpose of the PITCH Protocol.
  • Verbalize how to apply the PediaSuit.
  • Verbalize the type of patients that will benefit from the PITCH Protocol.
  • Verbalize the Precautions and Contraindications of the PITCH Protocol.
  • erbalize how to apply the comprehensive therapeutic exercises and therapeutic activities in the PITCH Protocol including use of the Ability Exercise Units (Monkey Cage and Spider Cage).

Procedure for Certification

Quick Facts

40 hours of education:

- 32 hours on-site

- 8 hours self-study

Location: Coral springs, Florida

Basic: $1,500

Advanced: $750 (requires Basic Certification)

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Only licensed and certified Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy Assistants, Physical Therapists, and Physical Therapy Assistants in good standing with their respective boards are permitted to perform the PITCH Protocol. The clinician must complete a total of 40 hours of PITCH education (32 hours LIVE and 8 hours SELF STUDY with use of the PITCH Manual provided to the clinician). A passing score of 80% or greater must be achieved on the written examination. A score of “Pass” must be achieved on the Practical Examination.