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The Pediasuit™ is a soft dynamic orthotic which consists of a cap, vest, shorts, kneepads and special adapted shoes that are interconnected with elastic bands. The basic concept of the Pediasuit™ is to create a supporting unit to align the body as close to normal as possible reestablishing correct postural alignment and weight bearing which is fundamental in normalizing muscle tone, sensory and vestibular function. The elastic bands are adjustable, which means that we can load the body axially within 15 to 40 kg.

The Pediasuit™ is the most modern type of suit available today. Leonardo de Oliveira designed the suit based on the Penguin suit developed by the Soviet Union for its space program in the late 1960s, but full of the adaptations and improvements he and his team saw necessary. The material used for the suit is much lighter and made with a breathable fabric. It's easy to apply and to remove, and is very comfortable to wear.

The whole idea was to make a suit so easy to use that it can be taught to therapists around the world, and also to parents, so they can apply it themselves back home if they live in countries without Pediasuit™ clinics.
To date, thousands of special needs children and athletes in recovery from all over the world have benefited from the use of the Pediasuit™.

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