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Ability Exercise Unit

Ability Exercise Unit

The Ability Exercise Unit is a unique and dynamic device consisting of a system of pulleys, straps, and splints utilized to perform a variety of exercises. This system improves strength, passive and active range of motion, and muscle flexibility. With the use of this system, the therapist can isolate any muscle group and target. In this situation the muscle tone (usually increased) does not influence the movements. This allows muscle groups to counteract the spastic muscles. The end effect is functional gains. The quality of gait, balance, and coordination of movements increases rapidly.

The “monkey cage” is a tridimensional rigid metal cage where metal pulleys are arranged to stretch and strengthen muscle groups. In the “spider cage”, the patient uses a leather belt that’s connected to bungee cords. In this way, the patient is supported and can safely learn weightshift, jump, kneel, half-kneel and step up and over objects. The “spider cage” is an effective tool for implementing neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT), one of the most widespread and clinically accepted methods for “reprogramming” the central nervous and neuromuscular systems and “teaching” the brain more adequate motor skills.

The patient can learn weightshift, jump, kneel, half-kneel and step up and over objects

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