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PITCH (PediaSuit Intensive Therapy Course & Holism) is a comprehensive therapy program comprised of four week intensive therapy system involving evidence-based interventions with four hours of therapy each day, five days per week. This amounts to 80 hours of therapy with impressive results.

After this cycle, two weeks of maintenance of six hours of therapy each week are required. If necessary, intensive therapeutic interventions will resume after the maintenance period.

Become Certified

To be certified, the clinician must complete a total of 40 hours of PITCH education (32 hours on-site and 8 hours self-study with use of the PITCH Manual provided to the clinician).

A passing score of 80% or greater must be achieved on the written examination. A score of “Pass” must be achieved on the Practical Examination.


32 hours on-site and 8 hours self-study

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